Muskeg Dirty

The Muskeg Dirty, plain and simple, is a pure Timber Call. Designed by “timber junkies” Justin Tackett and Chris Wright, the Muskeg produces a very raspy and dirty low end while giving you total control when working ducks. It has an excellent top end and produces those squeals that have greenheads breaking their necks to turn. This single reed will outperform any other timber call out there. A pure “drunk rice” tone that only mallard ducks make. Without a doubt the top cutting call on the market. Machine turned; hand tuned with a polished stainless-steel band.

Muskeg Nasty

The Muskeg Nasty is everything the Muskeg Dirty is but with one exception. It is loud! The Muskeg Nasty will get loud when you need to hit ducks hard and will get low, soft, and raspy to finish those weary mallard ducks. Its low end is just as dirty as the Muskeg dirty and will cut on a dime.

Reed Choice: Single (only)

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Muskeg Choice

Dirty, Nasty

Acrylic Choice

White Out, Black Pearl, Blue Pearl, Orange Pearl, Red Pearl, Black Cherry, Green Pearl

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Flat, Polished