Haymaker 2.0


The Haymaker 2.0 has the mind-blowing ability to produce all the short reed goose call vocalizations you can imagine.  Its newly designed barrel and mouthpiece, matched up with our legendary worn in guts, provides the caller with unmatched volume control, and the ability to produce everything from the loudest comebacks to the softest laydowns with ease.  Whether on stage or in the field, this is a call that can be blown to the absolute limit and beyond. The Haymaker 2.0 is just pure goose. 

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Material Choice

White Out Acrylic, Black Pearl Acrylic, Blue Pearl Acrylic, Orange Pearl Acrylic, Red Pearl Acrylic, Black Cherry Acrylic, Green Pearl Acrylic, Maple Wood, Yellow Hedge Wood

Finish Choice

Flat, Polished