Migration Ender


The “Migration Ender 11” features our worn in gut system. It combines realism with serious control for maximum note combinations. The ME11 is one of the loudest goose calls on the market and offers the widest range of goose vocalizations possible. The ME11 is the perfect call when you need the fullest volume possible to call distant flocks of migrators and finish them in the decoys with rich, full honks and moans. Whether on stage or in the field, this call ends all conversations!

Finish Choices: Flat or Polished

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Material Choice

White Out Acrylic, Black Pearl Acrylic, Blue Pearl Acrylic, Orange Pearl Acrylic, Red Pearl Acrylic, Black Cherry Acrylic, Green Pearl Acrylic, Maple Wood, Yellow Hedge Wood

Finish Choice

Flat, Polished